Why is CBD Lip Balm so in trend this 2021?

CBD products have flooded the market and alongside conventional products come various new products. CBD lip balms are becoming more and more popular due to their attractive benefits. These lip balms are an ideal option not only for CBD users but those who want to fight dry, chapped lips.

With the summer behind us and winter slowly approaching, dry lips will become a big concern for all of us. However, you can carry around a pocket-size lip balm stick and moisturize your lips anytime.

What is CBD lip balm?


With all the unique Sunday Scaries CBD infused products in the market right now, lip balms are not even remotely surprising. The CBD lip balms have usual lip balm ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and others, but the only difference is that they also have CBD extract in them.

This CBD comes from the industrial hemp plant, which became legal to cultivate and use in production after the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States. CBD mostly gets extracted as an oil, and it is added to the lip balm mixture to create CBD lip balms.

Though these lip balms are not very different from the usual ingredients, their list of benefits varies. While regular lip balms protect lips from dryness, CBD also has various additional healing and protecting properties.

Why are chapped lips a big concern?

As you know, lips are some of the most sensitive areas in our body, and the skin on our lips has different properties. It is what makes lips so prone to damage, and it is why we have to take great care of them. 

Throughout the year, especially in the winter, we experience dry lips and other problems. It might be different on the scale for each individual, but almost everyone faces chapped lips at some point in time. The condition of the lips becomes worse, and it causes you to lick your lips or nibble at the skin. It only damages them further, but we cannot help it.

Proper moisturizing is necessary for lips. They require much more care than your hand or face, and you have to keep moisturizing them every two to three hours to avoid dryness. With healthier lips, you can feel at ease and reduce damage.

How does CBD help moisturize lips?

Now you must be wondering why you should opt for CBD when there are so many other products. The reason is that CBD does not only hydrate your lips for a short period, but it also provides protection against further problems and helps alleviate common issues.

CBD works by interacting through the cannabinoid receptors and interacting with the endocannabinoid system. It ultimately signals the brain to reduce inflammation and other problems. Various research works and studies have proved that CBD actively fights against inflammation and benefits the skin.

By applying CBD to your lips, you let it interact with the cannabinoid receptors in that area and effectively reduce inflammations and itching and hydrate your skin. These properties combined with usual moisturizing agents help you achieve soft and smooth lips.

What all benefits come with CBD for your lips?


Aside from moisturizing and reducing dryness on your lips, CBD lip balms have benefits that make them superior to others. Here are some additional benefits of CBD for lips:▪ Anti-inflammatory Properties- As mentioned above, anti-inflammatory properties are an essential feature. Along with dryness often comes irritated and inflamed skin. It happens due to dryness and other factors like heat. This burning also causes people to lick their lips or constantly touch them, which worsens the damage. Having an anti-inflammatory lip balm is the perfect way to ensure healthier lips. ▪ Protective Properties- One of the more unknown qualities of CBD, especially for skin, is that it protects against skin damage. An article on PMC explored the protective properties of CBD in detail. They stated how oxidative stress causes cell damage and inflammation, but CBD could effectively reduce it by penetrating the skin. It might not seem like much, but properties like these improve the skin quality of your lips and make them better in the long run.▪ Antioxidant and Anti-Bacterial Properties- Few research works have found evidence that CBD can effectively fight off excessive free radicals and bacteria in the skin. CBD also has antioxidant properties due to some of its components. It just helps provide further protection against damage to your lip, both temporary and chronic. It is a great feature that isn’t that common in most lip balms.

Is CBD lip balm safe to use?

Many first-time users hesitate to go for CBD products because of the taboo revolving around products derived from cannabis plants. You, too, would be curious if this lip balm will affect you in any other way, give you a high or make you drowsy.

Firstly, CBD does not make you high at all, so neither does CBD lip balm. CBD comes from industrial hemp, not marijuana, which has less than 0.3% of THC. THC is what makes people high and has psychoactive effects on users. So CBD does not make its users high. 

Secondly, since it is such a small amount only applied to the surface of your lips, its properties do not work to have such an effect. Consumable products may cause a relaxing effect but not lip balms. To avail of other benefits, you have to go for consumables. However, do not worry; CBD lip balms are safe to use with no side effects.


CBD lip balms have taken over 2021 and are some of the most popular CBD items right now. Their popularity is understandable since they come with unique benefits for your lips. They are more than your ordinary lip balm stick that only moisturizes your lips temporarily.

You can start using CBD lip balms instead of traditional ones by buying a lip balm from a trusted brand. The CBD lip balm is sure to give you the best results and leave your lips soft and healthy.

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